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Our Contract

This is a web version of our contract for your review only.

About Our Contract 

In an effort to assure the best possible future for any puppy leaving our kennel, we enter into an agreement with all new puppy owners.  We call this agreement a contract, but it is more than that.  It is part of our attempt to educate potential new puppy owners of the risks and responsibilities of pet ownership.  Dogs are living creatures and, therefore, have the potential of health and wellness issues throughout their life.  In adoption and ownership of a puppy, a new family must be willing to assume the risk and take responsibility for the cost of loving care for the new addition to their family for the duration of its life.


In evaluating the risks and rewards of owning a Bernese Mountain Dog, a new pet owner must be aware that large breed dogs have a higher risk of some health problems such as cancers and genetic or degenerative joint conditions.  All animals, just like people, are at risk of difficult or life-threatening conditions that can affect their quality of life.  That is the nature of living things!


On our part, we agree to do as much as possible to produce puppies with the best possible health potential and temperament.  We do this by carefully selecting and pairing male and female dogs with the best chances of producing quality offspring.  All of our breeding pairs are evaluated for compatibility in type, temperament and potential genetic health problems.  All are x-rayed for hip dysplasia and other potential joint problems which are a major concern with large breed dogs.  Through careful evaluation, we disqualify any animals from consideration for breeding that we feel would not produce the highest probability of excellent, healthy puppies.  We have disqualified many animals from our breeding program, not only because of weaknesses, but because of the lack of strengths that we feel would improve the breed.  With a personal history of professional work in the healthcare industry of over twenty years, we have a strong background in nutrition and natural healthcare.  We feed the highest quality foods and follow the most conscientious practices of healthcare protocol that we know, to avoid introducing environmental health problems into our moms, dads and puppies.  No one wants healthy puppies more than we do.


With all this being said, the possibility of a puppy having a health problem still exists.  The Buyer must determine if they are willing to assume the risk and accept all future responsibility for the health of the new addition to their family.  We cannot guarantee that a puppy will not develop health problems.  The Buyer must agree to assume all future responsibility for their puppy.

Terms of Contract – Limited Registration
1.  This puppy/dog is being sold as a pet/companion rather than for breeding or conformation show purposes.
2.  This puppy/dog is purebred and is AKC registerable.
3.  This puppy/dog is known to be of good temperament at time of sale.
4.  This puppy/dog has the following known condition(s)___________.
5.  This puppy/dog is sold with a general health guarantee of seven days.

6.  Seller is not responsible for airborn viruses after the puppy/dog has been exposed to its new environment (i.e. parvo, influenza, distemper, etc.)

7.  The Buyer is responsible for all costs from this day forward.

8.  The Buyer is responsible for all shipping and transportation costs.

9.  If the Buyer is unable to keep this puppy/dog for any reason, Buyer must notify the seller who will help re-home this puppy/dog.

10.The conditions of this Contract of Sale are non-transferable.


1.  The Buyer agrees to have a "Well-Puppy/Dog Check " done on this puppy/dog by a veterinarian within 4 days of purchase to assess the health of the animal at the time of purchase.  If the Buyer is not satisfied with the exam, return the puppy/dog immediately, at Buyer's expense, for a full refund of the purchase price of the puppy/dog.
2.  This puppy/dog is sold with the Alteration Agreement noted below.  AKC papers will be released upon verification of alteration.
1.  Because proper nutrition is essential, we strongly recommend all puppies from our kennel continue on the food we are feeding. Information on food will be given before and on puppy pickup day.
2.  Because many health problems are associated with annual vaccinations, we recommend giving first puppy shots, then titer testing before giving any booster vaccinations. If boosters are indicated, then giving only the vaccination that titer test indicates are needed.
3.  We recommend (in Minnesota) that the rabies vaccine be given only every 3 years.  (Legal requirements are different in every state.)
4.  We recommend that your puppy receive a microchip by 4 months of age.
5.  We recommend using Bug Off Garlic tabs or powder from Springtime Inc. as a safe and natural alternative for fleas and ticks. However Frontline Plus and Heartgard Plus medications are what we would recommend if you are going to use medication for fleas and ticks.
6.  We recommend weekly brushings, at a minimum, with monthly baths to maintain a healthy, mat-free coat.
7.  We recommend weekly ear cleaning, nail trimming and feet trimming to ensure healthy ears and proper development of the feet and to provide the best possible traction on floors.
8.  We recommend using only flat leather collars for daily use and Herm Sprenger prong collars for training.
9.  We recommend as much free running and play as possible to help in proper development of muscles and bones.
Alteration Agreement     My purpose of purchasing this purebred puppy/dog is for companionship only.  Since it is sold as a companion and not for breeding or conformation show, I agree to have this puppy/dog altered (spayed or neutered) by the age of 6 to 9 months.  The AKC Registration Form or Certificate of Application Form will be provided when the Seller receives a statement verifying the alteration from the veterinarian performing the surgery.
Disclaimer     I understand that Bernese Mountain Dogs are a large breed dog and are therefore subject to health conditions and problems associated with large breeds and dogs in general.  I understand that there is a potential for hip and/or elbow dysplasia, cancer, bloat, entropion/ectropion eyes and various other health conditions and issues. I understand there are no “perfect” dogs and I understand that I am not purchasing a “perfect” dog.  I understand that this is a commitment to care for another living being and I am willing to undertake all responsibilities - financial, emotional, mental and physical – that are required now and in the future.
Reference Info      As a member of the Little Bear Berner Family, we would like to use you as a reference to help others make an informed decision about purchasing a puppy from Little Bear Berners.  If you agree to be used as a reference with possible inclusion on our web page or Reference List, please sign and date here.     Buyer _____________________________________Date ____________________Or, if you prefer not to be included, please sign and date here.      Buyer _____________________________________Date __________________

Documentation Provided by Website, E-mail or at Time of Sale

_____Health evaluations on sire and dam, _____Important Puppy Info Packet, _____A three generation pedigree, _____Veterinary Treatment Record, _____Info on Vaccinations and Titer Testing, _____AKC Certificate of Application Form, _____AKC Registration Form