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Little Bear Berners is located on five acres north of the Twin Cities in the beautiful state of Minnesota. We have a kennel building but the dogs share the house most of the time.

Our kennel building has eight indoor kennels and several large outside exercise areas. We have two inside kennel puppy pens and two outside puppy play areas for when the weather permits. The kennel building also has a custom built kitchen with bathing and grooming areas for the "spa treatment. We offer boarding at the Little Bear Bed and Breakfast for our puppies while their family travels or vacations. There's never a shortage of Berner companions.  It's like going to "Gramma and Grampa's" for the furry kids.

The lower level of the house once had a family room and three bedrooms, but now has a large Berner family room and two whelping areas where babies are cared for during their first two to three weeks of life. 

It's not unusual to find a Berner under the office desk when working at the computer or a carpet of mountain dogs on the kitchen or living room floor. Wherever the people are, that’s where the Berners are.

The dogs love to take turns riding in the truck or van, going anywhere, but especially a drive-thru that gives out dog treats, like the bank or car wash.

The Berners don't seem to mind sharing their home or yards with the cat or other Berner visitors.  They enjoy meeting and greeting the many visitors we have. We have a wonderful kennel and a great facility, but we don't have any kennel dogs. All of our Berners are family members and live in the house with us or with our very special extended Little Bear Berner Family (the TLC homes.)

This website does tend to get a bit outdated. If you follow us on Facebook you will see more current photos and activities.

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Theresa and Craig (Gramma & Grampa)
Whelping Room
Inside Kennel Area
Outside Kennel Area
Large Exercise Areas

Plenty Of Grass

Kennel Visits Always Fun
Inside Puppy Pens
Outside Kennel Area
Room To Run
Even A Pumpkin Patch
Lots of Love
Grooming Area
A Spa Visit for Pampering
Grooming Training Session
Places To Play
Pure Peaceful Country
A view from the sky

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