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 We somehow lost the original previous litters page with all of the links to individual litters so the following is a reconstruction with links that may not be in order
 I can't seem to fix the order. Sorry about that! 

Becca/Emmett May 2006

Becca/Emmett June 2007

Tia/Deacon December 2009

Kallie/Deacon January 2009

Misty/Xander January 2011

Keira/Deacon September 2011

Margo/Guss June 2012

Margo/Fritz February 2013

Keira/Deacon May 2013

Deja/Neo November 2013

Summit/Pappy April 2014

Deja/Pappy October 2014

Margo/Pappy May 2015

Willow and Xenon babies May 2016

Rosie Xenon Babies August 17th 2016

Snuggles/Xenon November 28th 2017

Willow/Xenon Babies Jan 27th 2018

Brooke/Emmett March 2007

Tia/Winslow April 2008

Lexi/Trooper May 2009

Kallie/Deacon February 2010

Lexi/Deacon January 2011

Keira/Deacon March 2012

Lexi/Deacon October 2012

Deja/Guss April 2013

Jessee/Neo September 2013

Stormy/Neo February 2014

Gracie/Pappy February 2015

Stormy/Pappy May 2015

Heidi and Xenon Babies May 2016

Dolly/Xenon Oct 21st 2016

Rosie/Xenon June 28th 2017

Mocha/Xenon August 17th 2017

Smooch/Xenon March 25th 2018

Snuggles/Xenon August 1st 2018

Losya and Brooke Litters March 2005

Tia/Deacon May 2009

Lexi/Deacon December 2009

Kallie/Deacon August 2010

Lexi/Deacon August 2011

Kallie/Deacon April 2012

Gracie/Guss November 2012

Jessee/Neo March 2013

Gracie/Neo October 2013

Keira/Neo-Pappy February 2014

Margo/Pappy September 2014

Willow/Xenon Babies Nov.3rd 2016

Rosie/Xenon Jan 8th 2018

Rosie/Xenon July 13th 2018